Jens Lernø Storm

Partner and Headhunter at Think About People

Jens Lernø Storm is a business leader with more than 20 years of experience, including 12 years in senior executive roles at leading, innovative companies including Microsoft, Vertic, Percolate and Sermo. He is an acknowledged leader in human resources within the technology space, with expertise in sales, marketing, and digital transformation.

Most recently, Jens created an operational foundation for Sermo, a revolutionary technology firm facilitating medical collaboration and crowdsourcing. As Head of People Operations, he played a key role in aligning the company’s internal operations and talent to its evolving business priorities and conditions.

His earlier career included sales/marketing positions and GM/COO roles, giving him experience in both top-line and bottom-line organizations. His achievements include:

  • Launching a successful new business unit for Microsoft
  • Growing a small digital advertising agency to global prominence and triple-digit growth
  • Overcoming a financial crisis to restore a business unit to a growth trajectory
  • Introducing new marketing tools and business processes to cut costs and gain efficiency


Reach out to Jens here:
+45 24 52 80 00