Mortimer Liebman

Mortimer Liebman

Partner and Headhunter at Think About People

Mortimer Liebman is a skilled executive business leader with a strong commercial experience and deep passion for setting the right team and growing the individual talents. With more than 20 years of management experience in the intersection between Sales and Marketing in the technology space, a being seasoned networker, Mortimer has the right experience to become your recruitment partner.

He has a track record of spotting talents and building high-performance management and specialist teams in some of the largest global companies, such as Microsoft, Telia Company and Deloitte, while also knowing the hardship of finding the right talents for start-ups and scale-ups with own scars to prove it.

Mortimer is an eager skill gainer and holds recent certificates as mental trainer and high-performance coach from MMT academy and is a FirstMind® practitioner.

Recently, Mortimer has led the Digital transformation in Telia Enterprise by introducing and implementing 360-degree digital workstreams including onboarding of the right people, identifying and prioritizing the strategic needs and setting direction.

Picks from his earlier career:

  • Leading teams of 10-150 and been the manager of highly skilled managers
  • Managed billion size business P&L
  • Grown cloud offerings triple digit
  • Built innovative IT startup and raised venture capital from eg. APM foundation.

Mortimer brings a strong set of compentencies to the table as an advisor and hunter for your next recruitment.


Reach out to Mortimer here:
+45 20 21 15 62