Our Services

Day after day, we bring candidates and companies closer together.

The service delivered and the process involved is unique to each individual search. You may require a full-scale, end-to-end procedure or one that is swift and lean. We will tailor it to your needs.

While a successful match is vitally important, both the customers and candidates need to know that they themselves are important as well.

Jens Lernø Storm


There is a growing and urgent demand for specialists. We know who they are, and we understand the roles they play and the skillsets they bring. We use our own experience to help companies create better job descriptions to match their business needs.

Executive Headhunting

Executive headhunting is a delicate process requiring the highest level of confidentiality. This is important for both the companies and the candidates. Trust should never be broken. Our experience having worked in various executive positions has given us a proper understanding of how to connect with the candidates and the companies we represent.

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Tests for Teams

Most executive teams are currently experiencing an increase in complexity when leading projects, implementing change or managing challenges.

As our world becomes increasingly complicated, high-performing executive teams are becoming increasingly important. Without a completely capable, effectively interacting executive team, an organization cannot adapt readily to a shifting environment, solve a problem or bring new solutions to market. Identifying the right leader inevitably requires a team-based approach.