You should Think About People

Established in 2016 in the vibrant heart of Soho, NYC, Think About People stands as your premier partner in unlocking unparalleled talent. Specializing in the most coveted domains of marketing, commercial ventures, and digital prowess, we now extend our reach to serve esteemed clients spanning the UK, US, and the Nordics.

What sets us apart is our unparalleled team – a dynamic ensemble comprising seasoned partners Michael, Mortimer, Jens, and Jacques.

Drawing upon a wealth of experience gleaned from both local enterprises and global titans, our collective expertise forms the bedrock of our success.

Our mission is clear: to bridge talent gaps with finesse, fostering seamless integration to cultivate a dynamic, mutually enriching synergy. From our humble beginnings in the bustling streets of Soho to our current headquarters in Copenhagen, our journey epitomizes relentless growth and strategic adaptation.

Step into our domain at Toldboden, where you’ll encounter an elite cadre of headhunters and recruitment consultants, accompanied by our beloved Golden Doodle, ever eager to welcome you for a casual yet insightful discussion over the finest brews in town. Our vision is to become the best choice for companies and talents to meet and match.
Allow us the privilege of guiding you towards discovering the perfect talents poised to propel your endeavors to new heights. With Think About People by your side, excellence is not just an aspiration – it’s an assurance.